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Kainbach bei Graz is a community amid a forest-reaches hill-landscape. Old farms as well as fruit-installations, meadows and fields shape the landscape. The weather-tower at the Schaftalberg, that among other things Stationskaplanei Hönigtal, the Calvary, that is cross-way, a few prominent points.
A Buschenschank as well as a new, just as tennis courts, asphalt-tracks, a new sport-installation in the Ragnitzstraße, Eisstockschießen(Icestocksport / Ice stick haven and/or stick haven), nature-ice-skating-place, traveling - and round-footpaths.(Moving ways)

Marked Radwanderweges (Bicycle-ways) supplement the leisure time*-offer around and in Kainbach. Also all fungus - and berry-collectors come here on their expenses. Miscellaneous hobby-courses like dance-courses, handicraft-courses, gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, flower-sticks and fashion-shows are offered.
The theater-group “Einbrenn” provides diversified and humorous conversation and in balmy evenings, summer-parties, readings (fairy-tale-hour) and film-evenings (Open-Air-Cinema) as well as BBQ-Afternoons take place in the farm (Taggerhof - Hönigtal).

The information to the Eventses finds you under the category "Veranstaltungen " and
under " Kainbach A-Z "
Guest-yards, inns, new, Buschenschank, sports clubs, fire brigade, rescue,
police and energy-provider

The Community-chronicle from Kainbach (In German) - on approximately 660 sides experiences you everything worth knowing over them Community Kainbach bei Graz, from the origins up to the present. The book can be acquired about € 33,00 in the community-office.

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